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“The credit is due to the Riv-Crete team for supplying in spec material on a timely basis all night even as ice rates were modified throughout the pour to keep temps where they needed to be. WisDOT IA rep who was on site commented that he had seen less than a dozen deck pours of that size have in spec material the entire pour.”
/ Philip Meinholz, P.E. Structural Engineer
“A company that knows its customers as well as it knows the products that it sells.”
/ Gary Wallis, St. Mary's Cement
“Riv/Crete Ready Mix is a valued producer member of the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association (WRMCA). Nicholas Rivecca is a respected past president of the WRMCA.”
/ Cherish Schween, Executive Director of WRMCA
“Riv/Crete Ready Mix brings to the concrete industry an extremely knowledgeable staff of concrete experts. Using state of the art concrete plants and admixtures, Riv/Crete Ready Mix has the ability to produce some of the most technical and advanced concrete in the marketplace.”
/ Paul Piekarski, Sales Rep. Sika Corporation