Komatsu Manufacturing

Komatsu Manufacturing recently completed its brand new 600,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility in the Harbor District of Milwaukee. This transformative project now has over 1,000 employees working in this incredible facility.

Waukesha Water

Waukesha Water Utility Booster includes two 8.6 million-gallon reservoirs and a new one-million-gallon composite elevated water tower that stands approximately 160 feet tall. This project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule ensuring the residents of Waukesha County will receive an abundance of clean usable water.

St. Camillus

The completion of the East Residence Tower for the St. Camillus facility is located across the street from the Milwaukee County Zoo. The new buildings features include fine dining restaurant, pub & deli, as well as an art gallery, theater, and wellness center. The 15-story wing shaped structure also includes another 2 stories of below ground parking for residence and staff.

Waste Management

The recently completed Waste Management recycling facility located in Germantown, WI illustrates the importance of ready mixed concrete. The owners considered asphalt but decided concrete was the only choice with the extreme weight of the recycling equipment that was being used.

Fox Run

"As the owner and developer of our own buildings we know using an ICF system is a far superior construction method. It might surprise people but the upfront cost between wood and ICF is virtually zero. After you factor in the cost savings it's an easy decision," stated owner Ryan Bedford.

Froedtert Parking

This five-story cast-in-place concrete structure is now one of the largest freestanding parking structures in the state of Wisconsin. In total, over 3300 parking spaces were added, an incredible 5.6 million tons of steel installed, and over 52,000 cubic yards of concrete poured. The new structure is one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken on the Froedtert campus.

R1ver Development

The R1ver development sits on a 6-acre site flanked on two sides by the Milwaukee River. Standing tall is the 8-story corporate office building that will be home to Michels Corporation. Additionally, a new apartment building and future hotel make up this incredible development.

Bass Bay Brewhouse

Sitting along the shores of Bass Lake sits the newly renovated Bass Bay Brewhouse. The outdoor space was recently updated to create an outdoor dining and event space to accommodate growing customer demand. Winning a design award in this category is extremely difficult and Nord Construction delivered with incredible results.

Saint John's On The Lake

Education, Healthcare & Public Design Award Winner

The new 22 story Saint John's On The Lake North Tower is not only transforming the city's skyline but also the perception of Milwaukee throughout the country.  This new 420,000 square foot facility provides high-end senior living on par with any major city in the country.

Dayton Freight

Parking Lot Design Award Winner

The recently completed Dayton Freight distribution facility located in Sturtevant, WI is one of the most impressive distribution centers in the state of Wisconsin. What sets it apart from other facilities is the use of ready-mix concrete in its parking lot and high traffic areas.

Ixonia Bank

South Eastern Wisconsin Design Award Winner

Ixonia Bank wanted to showcase its new building with beautiful walkways and paths that were customer friendly and durable to tough Wisconsin winters.  The results were stunning and it was recognized by the Wisconsin Ready Mix Concrete Association as one of the top projects in all South Eastern Wisconsin.

Walkers Landing

ICF Project Design Award Winner

Walkers Landing which sits along the Milwaukee River was featured by the National Ready Mix Concrete Association as one of the top projects in the United States.  It was also recognized as the top ICF project in 2018 by the Wisconsin Ready Mix Concrete Association.

Otter Exhibit - MKE Zoo

Commercial Decorative Design Award Winner

In early 2018 the Milwaukee County Zoo welcomed its newest members with the grand opening of the Otter Exhibit.  This incredible exhibit won an exclusive award from the Wisconsin Ready Mix Concrete Association for the Decorative Commercial category.
“The credit is due to the Riv-Crete team for supplying in spec material on a timely basis all night even as ice rates were modified throughout the pour to keep temps where they needed to be. WisDOT IA rep who was on site commented that he had seen less than a dozen deck pours of that size have in spec material the entire pour.”
/ Philip Meinholz, P.E. Structural Engineer
“A company that knows its customers as well as it knows the products that it sells.”
/ Gary Wallis, St. Mary's Cement
“Riv/Crete Ready Mix is a valued producer member of the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association (WRMCA). Nicholas Rivecca is a respected past president of the WRMCA.”
/ Cherish Schween, Executive Director of WRMCA
“Riv/Crete Ready Mix brings to the concrete industry an extremely knowledgeable staff of concrete experts. Using state of the art concrete plants and admixtures, Riv/Crete Ready Mix has the ability to produce some of the most technical and advanced concrete in the marketplace.”
/ Paul Piekarski, Sales Rep. Sika Corporation