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The Waukesha Parade tragedy left a horrifying impact on our Community, State, and Nation. The senseless and brutal act left dozens of people injured and even the tragic loss of life. One of those families had two children struck by the vehicle leaving them both hospitalized and temporally restrained to wheelchairs.

Upon hearing the families story a contractor in the area offered to help them by installing a wheelchair ramp at their historic home. Unfortunately, soon into the project it became clear the contractor was not capable of doing the work and abandoned the job leaving the family’s home in disrepair and a torn apart porch. Once again, the family had been victimized from events of the Waukesha parade tragedy.

Throughout all this the children healed and no longer needed the wheelchair ramp. However, the front of the family’s home was still demolished and missing its historic front porch. The families story made the local news and B.J. Bowen the director for the special projects division of J.H. Findorff heard the story and knew they had to help this family in need.

The special projects team quickly started to coordinate with various companies to assist in this effort. Contacting Riv/Crete Ready Mix to consult on a high strength concrete mix that could support the weight of the wooden deck and gain strength quickly so anchor bolts could be set the following day. Utilizing a 7000-psi mix which was currently being supplied to J.H. Findorff on a commercial high-rise tower in downtown Milwaukee the team found the perfect solution. The concrete mix achieved all the necessary goals allowing the project team to expedite the construction process and finally give the family back their beautiful home.

Riv/Crete was honored to play a small role in helping this family finally heal from the brutality of the Waukesha parade tragedy.

“The credit is due to the Riv-Crete team for supplying in spec material on a timely basis all night even as ice rates were modified throughout the pour to keep temps where they needed to be. WisDOT IA rep who was on site commented that he had seen less than a dozen deck pours of that size have in spec material the entire pour.”
/ Philip Meinholz, P.E. Structural Engineer
“A company that knows its customers as well as it knows the products that it sells.”
/ Gary Wallis, St. Mary's Cement
“Riv/Crete Ready Mix is a valued producer member of the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association (WRMCA). Nicholas Rivecca is a respected past president of the WRMCA.”
/ Cherish Schween, Executive Director of WRMCA
“Riv/Crete Ready Mix brings to the concrete industry an extremely knowledgeable staff of concrete experts. Using state of the art concrete plants and admixtures, Riv/Crete Ready Mix has the ability to produce some of the most technical and advanced concrete in the marketplace.”
/ Paul Piekarski, Sales Rep. Sika Corporation

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